Sunday, June 15, 2008


The winds of change howl
Tired trappings of decay flitter away
Hope, armed with strength, riding the horse of courage
Storm me down
Carry me forth.

The greatest tragedy is that we seldom write about the matters of the highest importance. Our minds abound with thoughts supreme in significance, yet writing, even talking, usurps and perverts our solitude, denying the public and our conscious, active selves access to innate truths.

Solitude is the answer to death. Under its yoke all times become one, the eternal is glimpsed, life transcends death and death itself is humbled.

Christ’s life, his work and teachings constitute a solid brick wall, standing firm and resolute against the assaults of fallible, emotionally subservient, human reason. His words are timeless enough to demand expression by silence or, second best, music. The rational dialectic, stifling vocabulary and complex meanderings of the "thinker" fail, having set off on a journey into the unknown.